The Hardkiss

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The Hardkiss

Rock, Pop-Rock

The Hardkiss is a Ukrainian music project that was formed in 2011. It is considered very popular and in demand to this day.

The band of the group "the hardkiss" whose members wrote the lyrics to the tracks themselves, and more specifically Valery Bebko (part-time creative producer of the band) and Julia Sanina (soloist), who were participants in the project.

At the age of 18, Julia assumed that she would become a journalist, in connection with which she wrote an article. While working on the MTV channel, the girl crossed paths with Valery Bebko. After some time, they made every effort to write music together, which resulted in the creation of the duo Val & Sanina. A test clip and several Russian-language tracks were shot.

In early autumn 2011, the band showed their first music video called "Babylon". Soon, this work of art began to spin on the M1.

The guys' first performance took place at the Serebro club. In the fall, a video for the single "October" was presented.

In the winter of the same year, the video "Dance with me" was released.

In 2012, the band became a participant in the Midem Festival, which took place in France.

The fall saw the premiere of the band's new video for the single "Make-Up".

A little later, the project was recognized as the best Ukrainian artist, the guys received a well-deserved award from MTV.

On November 30, 2012, the band gave a concert at the Palace "Ukraine". They performed at an award ceremony for artists vying for the Teletriumph Award.

The Hardkiss was awarded the Brand of the Year competition.

The project was also nominated for two worthy awards "Best Video" and "Opening of the Year", where in both cases it won.

In the winter of 2013, viewers of M1 TV channel had the opportunity to hear the musical composition of the group "the hardkiss" of the song "Part of Me".

In the spring, the video clip of the group "Make Up" won the nomination "Video Clip" at the YUNA festival.

In April, the band was invited to give a concert in Moscow at the club event "Party ZONA", the broadcast of which could be watched on Muz-TV.

By the end of spring, listeners were already enjoying a teaser for the musical composition "In Love". Soon a video for this song was presented. Ukraine first saw him when the project "The Hardkiss" gave another solo concert.

The single "In Love" was released on May 8.

In the spring of 2014, the band at the YUNA festival decided to apply for first place in the nomination "Best Group".

A year later, at the beginning of winter, Vkontakte users saw the presentation of the mini-collection "Cold Altair".

In the winter of 2016, it was officially announced that the project will definitely participate in the qualifying round for Eurovision, representing Ukraine.

According to the results of the judges' voting, the team took 1st place, but there was also an audience vote, which pushed the group to the second position, which resulted in Jamala's victory at Eurovision.

Participants continue to evolve. It is possible that soon the world will hear a few more albums of the band. For all those who want to get acquainted with the work of the hardkiss group, listen and evaluate their talent on the Internet, and more specifically on the Youtube site as well as on other sites.